Manufacture and sales geosynthetic materials in Uzbekistan


Three-dimensional geomat Geoflax

Geomat is a three-dimensional geocomposite material made of permeable random structures of polypropylene or polyethylene filaments produced by extrusion method and thermally interconnected.
Geomats Geoflax are used to protect the slopes against natural erosion, to restore the fertile layer with vegetation cover, to protect the banks of water bodies and channels against caving. Due to its structure in 90% consisting of voids, geomat provides accumulation of soil particles inside it, thus contributing to the growth of grass and shrubs through it. During heavy rains geomat prevents landslides, strengthens the upper soil layers and contributes to the formation of a durable turf cover. It is installed together with geotextile.

Scope of application:

● Strengthening of slopes and banks of water bodies
● Strengthening of road cambers
● Landscape design
● Planting of greenery on slopes and banks

Advantages of Geoflax geomat:

1.Restoration of vegetation cover with natural appearance is 60% faster.

2.Savings of 75% labor when restoring the vegetable soil.

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