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HDPE and LDPE Geoflax geomembrane

HDPE and LDPE Geoflax geomembrane is a smooth insulating web material made of extruded polyethylene 0.5 to 4 mm thick. The maximum width of our geomembrane may reach 5 m. This geosynthetic material is placed on a site where 100% waterproofing is required or where passage of a fluid flow through its structure needs to be reduced.

The joints between the adjacent sheets are welded using dedicated machines, and the entire surface becomes leak-tight.

Scope of application

● Waterproofing of foundations, roofs, banks and reservoir bottoms
● Protection of soils and road pavement materials against silting by groundwater
● Strengthening of road shoulders in lowlands and other wet road sections
● Reinforcement and load distribution on soil
● Waterproofing of operated ballasted roofs, living walls in landscape design

Advantages of HDPE and LDPE Geoflax geomembrane:

1.Saves up to 30% on conventional waterproofing materials.

2.Saves up to 25% on labor costs related to conventional waterproofing construction methods.

3.Has a higher density due to the catalytic treatment so that this material can be used to isolate even very toxic waste.

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