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Three-dimensional geocell is made of polymer ribbons by means of extrusion from polyolefin granulate, it is impregnated with stabilizer and laser-welded. Depending on the purpose of use, it can be both without and with perforation.

During construction works aimed at stabilization of soil layers, geocell mechanically consolidates the functional backfill (rubble, sand mixtures) to control movement and mixing of these working layers. Geocell made of polymer Geoflax strips is adapted to limit the shearing changes in the controlled horizontal surface.

By creating and consolidating a single volume of granular building materials by means of its three-dimensional structure, geocell serves for reinforcement and distribution of dynamic loads.

Advantages of polymer Geoflax geocell:

1.Reduces by 50% the scope of work and labor costs.

2.Reduces by 20-30% the direct costs for stabilization of conventional types.

3.We use laser welding to bond the geocell ribbons which provides better strength of a weld.

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