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Polypropylene Geoflax geogrid

Polypropylene Geoflax geogrid

Geogrid is made of polypropylene using the extrusion method followed by regular punching and stretching in two directions to obtain a biaxial flexible mesh of cells of the same size and shape with the rigid connection of nodes.

In practice, biaxial soil Geoflax geogrid or flat Geoflax geogrids are successfully used to increase the strength of landscape structures layered with grain-like materials (crushed stone, gravel, slag, expanded-clay aggregate, marble chips, decorative granulated glass, etc.). Geogrid is designed to stabilize the vegetable soil and earth on slopes, to prevent soil erosion, and to retain sediments during engineering landscape works. The installation of geogrid between layers (into load-bearing and under-rail formations of roads and tracks) together with geotextile contributes to improved efficiency of building structures and reduces the cost of materials.

Advantages of polypropylene Geoflax geogrid

1.In layering any structure, the use of geogrid reduces by up to 40% the backfilling layer of stone, sand, crushed rock, peat or granulated materials. At the same time, the project requirements for the structure stability are met as Geoflax geogrid serves to strengthen the layers regardless of the bed softness degree.

2.We add black carbon to polymer so that the high resistance to UV radiation is achieved.

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