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Geotextile is made either of continuous polymer-melt threads using the spunbond technology, or of recycled staple fibers fastened using a needle-punching machine. Needle-punched non-woven geotextile has good drainage and filtration properties.

Geoflaks geotextile is used for separation of inert layers and for reinforcement of soil, protection of drainage pipes and foundation waterproofing, filtration of water and air, separation of formation and filling materials in many sectors of construction and landscaping.

Advantages of non-woven Geoflax geotextile:

1.We use fibers directly from polymer melt, and the technology allows it to be bonded not only by needle-punching, but also additionally thermally calendered; therefore, the breaking loads are higher than those indicated in the old regulatory documents.

2.The use of Geoflaks allows saving up to 25% of construction materials and increasing the turnaround time.

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