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Basalt Geoflax geogrid

Basalt Geoflax geogrid

Basalt geogrid TM Geoflax is made of rovings (basalt fibers) using impregnation. Due to its properties, basalt mesh is the best possible alternative to metal reinforcing geogrid.
By nature, basalt is a rock of igneous origin. It was formed during rapid cooling of lava. Geogrid made of basalt rocks are resistant to abrasion, acid and alkali attack, and they are also durable and vapor-resistant.

Basalt Geogrid is used:

● when reinforcing asphalt concrete layers;
● as an adhesive link in two-layer walls of different materials;
● for reinforcement of walls made of stone materials;
● when reinforcing the plaster layer of stone walls (allows increasing consolidation, seismic and crack resistance);
● when strengthening brick party walls and pillars by means of constructing mesh bandages;
● when reinforcing horizontal masonry joints of walls (allows increasing load-bearing capacity and consolidation);
● when reinforcing masonry of ceramic stone walls with void ratio higher than 30% (to prevent mortar from penetrating into the masonry joints);
● when reinforcing floor screeds of concrete or mortar mixes (allows increasing strength, preventing the occurrence of shrinkage cracks).

Advantages of basalt Geoflax Geogrid:

1. Resistant to corrosion and effects of acid-base aggressive environment.
2.Increases thermal efficiency of structures while not being a “cold bridge” and has a low thermal conductivity.
3.Has a high degree of adhesion.
4.Has low weight: a basalt mesh is 7 times lighter than its metal equivalents.

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