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Glass Geoflax geogrid

Glass Geoflax geocell

Bonded (impregnated glass geocell SSP) or quilted (impregnated quilted glass geocell SSNP) geocell is made of fiberglass rovings and impregnated with bitumen.
A road geocell takes up a portion of the temperature and transport loads on the operated road, slows down crack propagation in the existing pavement, stabilizes shoulders and slopes, protects and stabilizes layers in building structures.

Scope of application:

● Strengthening and reinforcement of pavement joints
● Protection against damage due to weather and operational changes
● Inhibiting of crack propagation and road repair
● Preventing of rutting due to permanent traffic loads

Advantages of glass Geoflax geocell

1.Saves up to 45% on investment in construction, increases the turnaround time during operation, reduces amount of construction materials by 30% and, at the same time, provides good road quality

2.Due to the low parameter of elongation, glass geocell takes up the loads immediately after installation.

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